Products - CRGO

  • Cut Core Lamination

    We manufacture cut core lamination from CRGO Silicon Electrical Steel material which come in grades M-3, M-4, M-5 & M-6. We can manufacture transformer core for transformers upto 10 MVA capacity as per customers’ specifications, designs and quality requirements.

  • CRGO & CRNGO Strips / Strip Coils

    We can supply CRGO Strips / Strip coils as per customers’ specified sizes in different grades. CRGO is carefully handled to get the low losses and to avoid any stresses resulting distortion of the crystal structure.

  • CRGO Stacked / Assembled cores

    We also supply stacked / assembled core for distribution and power transformers. These cores are subjected to strict quality testing procedures.

  • CRGO Torroidal Cores

    We manufacture torroidal cores made of CRGO for current and potential transformers in various dimensions as per customers’ specifications.

  • CRGO & CRNGO E & I

    We manufacture E & I Laminations in various dimensions and grades as per customers specified requirements. We use CRGO in standard thickness ranging from 0.27mm, 0.30mm & 0.35mm and CRNGO in international grades having core losses below 4.00 @1.5 Tesla.

    We adopt the latest methods and techniques to manufacture our product. Strict quality conditions and high degree of precision are implemented during the manufacture and finally the product is passed through an annealing process which improves the quality.

    We procure our raw material of world’s best mills and can supply consistent quality of products.

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